Work From Home Opportunities

Have you ever thought about working from home?  Or having your own business?  What about working from the beach?  Or your RV?

Many have and even more so since COVID.  Many have had to quit their jobs suddenly to care for loved ones during the pandemic.  Health needs, mental health needs, homeschooling and more all became commonplace and the norm.  Of course working from home while also trying to teach or help teach your children can be a monumental task.  In some cases the home is even multigenerational so the responsibilities are even greater.


This is a great way to make money BUT it is definitely not a get rich quick proposition.  Although there are some people who can make money pretty quickly, it is rare.   Generally the only reason they can make money quickly is because their blog is tied to some other income stream to help boost it up.  I recommend WordPress which needs a hosting platform.  I use Twenty70 and have for quite a few years.  Their customer support has been amazing, their pricing is exceptional.  I tried other hosting companies but eventually left them due to too much downtime.  Having a blog is a great deal of work and requires dedication but it is so much fun and always something to learn.  I have and ManyCooksInTheKitchen as well as this one.  The most mature of the sites is TheStuffofSuccess.


There are many ways you can offer your freelance services – I offer mine in the form of writing.  One of the easiest places to get started is Fiverr.  I still offer a couple gigs out on Fiverr and have for years.  You are offering an affordable service and earning money while you do it.  Originally the premise was some sort of quick basic service to offer for $5 – hence Fiverr.  Then you can add extras and different types of packages for higher rates or faster service for a higher rate.  Now though basic gigs do not need to start at $5 but the practice of building upon a base gig still holds true.  Once you get established on Fiverr you can move onto projects such as through Upwork and many more.

Day Trading

Have you ever wanted to dabble in stocks?  You can – and without a broker.  You can sign up with Webull and get a free stock to sign up with my Webull link (I get a free one too) and you also receive a free stock with your first $100 deposit.  Day Trading is another project that takes time and dedication.  You need to watch every single movement of your stocks all day long.  Although I do trading I can’t really call myself a day trader.  I need more money in my investment vehicles to have enough of a daily impact.  I am working on it…  Best of all, you can access it on your phone and although you need to focus on it – you can do it from anywhere.  Perfect to keep your precious family time.

Affiliate Work

Many businesses have affiliate programs.  This is not something I have ever made much money on but I also have never really taken a course that helps me achieve success.  I do however, belong to some affiliate programs that I believe in and fit naturally into what my sites and services are all about.  When working as an affiliate you must pay attention to each company’s terms of service.  Some organizations allow you to make purchases off your own affiliate link; while others do not.  The program I work most with is Amazon and they DO NOT allow you to purchase off your affiliate link and if you do and they find out – you will be shut right down.  There was a time when my state, Connecticut, did allow us to participate in the affiliate program but now we can.  You will need to research if your state allows it.

Personal Shopper

This is hugely popular right now and I don’t see the trend going away.  I started doing this a couple years ago with just a few jobs here and there to pay down some credit card debt.  But since COVID many people do not want to go out anymore due to safety and health concerns so they have groceries delivered right to their homes (or meals).  At this time I work with Instacart and Doordash but there are other companies out there such as Shipt, GrubHub, and more.  Check out my four part Instacart series to learn more.  Now that people are used to having things delivered directly to their door they are likely to continue with that comfort once the world has been mostly vaccinated.


There are many other ways to work from home and be your own boss – these are just a few of the ways possible.



  • Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I suggested to my sister (who likes to sell items at a flea market to get extra money), that she could probably make more, and it would be safer to sell online. Ebay, Etsy, and are a few places besides Amazon to do this.

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