Why Should You Choose WordPress?

Have you ever considered starting a blog?  I started one for fun 12 years ago and the ways my life has changed over those years are incredible.  I have met some amazing people, learned so many new skills and am doing what I love.  I learned a long time ago that WordPress is the best platform for my blogs.  I didn’t start on WordPress because I was afraid of the fees.  Believe me the fees are minimal and well worth the investment to be on the right platform.  Check out these WordPress tips:

  1. Create rich and engaging titles for your posts

What can you say to draw your readers in?  If you are new and drawing a blank – there are many articles on Pinterest that have sort of cheat sheets to create amazing titles.  You don’t need to recreate the wheel – borrow from the experts.

  1. URL Structure

The title of your post should be in the URL structure.  However, it is important to note that a long title may need a shorter version – long URLs are less attractive for SEO purposes.  The default for most WordPress themes is your title becomes your URL.  But the benefit of WordPress is that you can update the URL to something you feel is much better.

  • SEO Plugins

Again – don’t recreate the wheel.  WordPress has so many great plugin tools that will help you improve your SEO and make your posts attractive to readers as well as browsers such as Google.

  • Backlinks

To increase your DA and ranking (important for making money if that is your goal) you need to have backlinks on other sites.  A great way to do this is to allow guest posts from other bloggers who’s DA is hopefully higher than yours.




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