What Do You Need In Your Woodworking Shop?

Woodworking as a hobby is making a big comeback. With countless online videos on woodworking projects, there is no mistaking the huge interest in this craft. As more and more people are trying to get into this hobby or as an alternative source of income, woodworking tools are now highly in demand.  COVID made this hobby even more prevalent and exciting.  It is a relaxing hobby throughout these stressful pandemic times.  Hobbyists and professionals are doing their best to stuff their woodworking shops with the best cutting- edge tools that will help them create awesome projects. For beginners, a huge investment is needed to purchase these tools. A big money is so needed that some of these beginners opt to buy tools one so as not to break the bank.

In such cases, you must know the basic tools you need to start on your projects right away while you are still saving money to buy the rest. Here are some of the basic woodworking shop must- haves you should consider buying first:

  • Circular Saw

When talking about power tools, circular saws often fall in the carpentry category but it can be very important in the woodworking shop. A circular saw is a highly versatile power tool that can do a lot of things. Using a clamp- on straight- edge, the circular saw can be as efficient as any table saw and can smoothly handle tasks regularly tried on table saws. It allows you to cleanly cut thin sheets like plywood or medium- density ones like fiberboard. Since it is one of the often used tools in the workshop, this must be on the top list of those that need to be purchased first.  My very first woodworking tool was a circular saw.  It was also the first tool I taught my kids.

If you have a small workshop or limited space, you may consider getting a  mini circular saw that’ll save your space and money.
A mini circular saw is an excellent tool for cutting wood. It has a small blade that can be moved in any direction, and it is portable so that you can take it with you anywhere you need to go.
The blades are thin enough that they do not make a lot of noise, which means the saw will not disturb or scare your neighbours when using it outside their house during the daytime hours.
  • Power Drill

Cordless drills are highly popular, but if you want real power to help you even with your most complex and time- consuming projects, then you must definitely go for a power drill. Power drills are more powerful and versatile and will prove very handy and reliable in different projects. When buying a corded power drill, you must consider features like chuck size, keyed or keyless, straight or hammer drill, and others. Make sure to fist buy the power drill that will be used more on many of your initial projects.  The drill was the second tool I added.  Owning horses there is never a shortage of needs for a good power drill.

  • Plasma Cutter

The name “plasma cutters” may sound intimidating at first and many of those who never used it before may immediately think it will take some real skill to use it. On the contrary, a plasma cutter is actually easy to use, even for beginners. It uses inert gas blown at high speed to cut through different materials and is widely used for many woodworking and fabrication works. When buying a plasma cutter, quality, above all, must be ensured; along with other features.

There are more tools that you may need when doing woodwork, but these are the ones you need first. Make sure to buy tools with the best quality to ensure efficient operation and, most importantly, your safety.

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  • gloria patterson

    I don’t do woodwork or have stuff………. BUT I enjoy watching different TV shows doing woodwork. One of my favorite years ago he did not use any power tools

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