Kidney stones food to avoid

Nowadays, kidney stones are a common problem. The pain in kidney stones is unbearable and I frequently get them.  I have passed them normally, had them blasted and even had them get stuck and had to have surgery.

When the kidney stones are small in size then the pain is not much, but if the size of the stones is big, then the pain becomes unbearable. There are plenty of ways to remove or treat kidney stones. The basic thing is to drink lots of water if you are suffering from kidney stones. As water will allow small kidney stones to pass. It’s recommended to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily and with kidney stones, it can be around 15-20 glasses per day. If you have tried home remedies for kidney stones and they didn’t work or you were not able to follow the regimen then you can always go for laser kidney stone treatment, as there would be no blood loss with no cuts and wounds.

Why kidney stones are formed?

Kidney stones are formed in your kidneys because of the minerals that form together. When you get dehydrated your urine gets concentrated and there are minerals that don’t get flushed out of your system because there is less urine present when you are dehydrated. You have salt, minerals and sugar that are flushed out of the body via urine. You should drink plenty of water to remove kidney stones from your kidneys.

When you have kidney stones or have to deal with recurrent stones – you need to pay just as much attention to what you should be eating as well as what you shouldn’t be.

  • Sodium: The first thing that you should avoid is the intake of sodium in your diet which simply means eating food which has less salt. Sodium increases the formation of calcium and if it’s in excess, then it will result in kidney stones. So, you should avoid eating processed foods as they are high in sodium content.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is good for your body but consuming it in high amounts can result in side effects. You must limit the intake of vitamin C up to 500 mg as there is no way for our body to store vitamin C. This will lead to the formation of oxalate which is the reason of formation of stones.
  • Soft drinks: These delicious soft drinks are a definite no no when it comes to kidney stones. There is phosphoric acid present in soft drinks which are harmful to your body and they also have phosphate. Consuming soft drinks will lead to overdose which can cause kidney stones. There is no way in our body to hold phosphate, therefore it crystallizes and forms kidney stones.
  • Limit animal protein: Consuming too much of red meat, seafood is one of the reasons for kidney stones. You should divide the protein intake throughout the day instead of consuming it in one go. Animal protein will increase the levels of uric acid and also reduces the levels of citrate. Citrate helps in stopping the formation of stones and uric acid leads to formation of stones. So, limiting your animal protein is a sure shot way of reducing kidney stones.
  • Spinach: If you think that green vegetables are always good for your health, then this might come as a surprise to you. This is always true in the case of spinach, 100 gm of spinach contains a 1gm of oxalic acid. So, you should avoid eating them if you have kidney stones as this can worsen your condition. This stops the breaking of kidney stones, so this becomes painful.
  • Soy products: As everyone knows that soy is good for health and everyone is looking to add soy into their diet. Soy products has plenty of oxalate which can be excreted via urine and as it passes through the kidneys and it leads to the formation of kidney stones.

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  • gloria patterson

    I have stones so I should be following this list. The one thing I do is drink lots of water everday. But salt is the killer I love it!!

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