Essential Oils for Thyroid Support

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The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck. It plays a mighty role in your health by producing hormones which travel throughout the body. This gland produces hormones that regulate our hearts, digestion, muscle control, and equally important, brain development. As a result, you need your thyroid to be performing well to feel well.  A poorly (slowly) functioning thyroid gland will affect your metabolism and make it quite sluggish.  The thyroid gland can function normally, or it can be hyperactive (too fast) or hypoactive (too slow).

The pituitary gland controls the thyroid and tells it when to secrete more or less hormone.  This Laritelle Essential Oil formula provides strong support for thyroid hormone regulation.

Mix 10 drops of each in a roll-on bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 10ML bottle.

To use – simply roll-on to base of neck and reflexology points in the feet and hands (base of the big toes and thumbs) up to 3x daily.

I use these 10ML roll-on essential oil bottles:

We keep our Essential Oils in this handy hard shell travel case (holds 54) so I can easily take them all with me camping, to the barn (yes some Essential Oils are great for animals as well as people) and to equestrian shows or any place else we are traveling to.

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  • gloria patterson

    It is a mind blowing thing of all the way essentials oils can be used. I have never had thyroid problems but if I did I would \try this

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