6 Things a Mom Should Do to Reduce Stress

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Many moms get stressed or suffer from postpartum depression – as a mom, I am definitely not immune to the struggles. Looking after children isn’t an easy job; being a new mom can be a struggle – seek assistance with postpartum therapy immediately if that is a concern. Add in COVID; remote learning; and if you are a working mom, a whole new pressure is thrown into your schedule. Taking care of your family is important, but you should not underestimate your own care and wellbeing. Treating yourself can make you feel better in many ways, but if you are unsure of how to do this, here are five simple things that you should consider doing.  In order to care for your family appropriately, you need to be able to care for yourself first.  

Alone Time

Spending time alone is very important. Not only does it let you spend some time alone with your thoughts to sort out issues and get yourself together, but it can also give you time to get productive stuff done, like a hobby, sport, or social interaction with friends.  Until recently I have always worked at least a half-hour from home and that was intentional.  The drive gives me some peaceful time prior to work and after work, it gives me time to release any stress from work prior to arriving at home.  

Buy Something Nice

Getting yourself nice things is important. Setting some money aside each month so you can purchase an item you desire is a great way to treat yourself.  If you look good, you feel good.  As moms, we tend to spend on others before we spend on ourselves but we deserve something too.  For me, that usually means things like a nice planner, a new set of earbuds, a pair of sneakers, etc.

Chores for Treats

Changing your attitude towards chores can make them become a bit more bearable. Chores aren’t fun and it can be hard to change your opinion on them, but if you plan something after the chore, such as a night out, a relaxing bath, or a nice meal, it gives you something to work towards. 

Drive with Friends

Picking up friends or going on drives with the family to go to a new place or to visit a member of the family or a friend can be a simple and relaxing way to treat yourself if driving isn’t part of your work.  For us that typically means meeting up with friends in Maine or New Hampshire.  If you have never been there is so much to see and experience in both states.

Exploring New Places

Whether they are stay-at-home moms or work, many moms can feel like they miss out on seeing a lot of things due to the responsibility. To help stop this from happening, using time with the family or time off work to see somewhere new can be both fun and a treat, especially if you use that time for a romantic getaway with your partner or a relaxing weekend away with friends. Even going for a walk with your family in a new area can be an exciting twist to a normal day out.  

Just for You

Try something just for you – if family or friends join in that’s fine but it is what you want.  For example, I started practicing Tai Chi.  If anyone in the family wants to participate they can – but for me, it is a great way to reduce stress.  Additionally, I started eating vegan and the rest of the family isn’t too interested but it is important to me so I am doing it.  What would you do?


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