10 Simple Steps to Healthier Habits

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Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten and abandoned by mid-February?  

So many of us set all these goals in mind to help us become the better version of ourselves.  

There’s no wrong time to start making better decisions that are going to bring you closer to stronger mental and physical health.  It is far too easy to postpone these goals because sometimes they can feel overburdensome and too life-altering to begin on a whim. If you start small  you can slowly integrate better habits into your everyday routine.

  • Sleep

The older we get, the more we understand the importance of a full-night’s rest and the impact that it can have on our ability to function well.  In fact, I just quit my full time job because there was just no way to remain healthy with the few hours of sleep I was getting.  Some people function best on eight hours, while other’s function equally well on six.  Personally I need at least 7-8 hours sleep for my health. I used to go to bed around 1am and get up at 6am.  Those days are gone.  Now I tend to go to sleep by 10pm and get up around 5:45am.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?   Consider investing in smart devices such as the Fitbit Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense Advance which can track your sleep quality and provide you insights on how to improve over time.

  • Activity

When COVID started we all lost our gym time.  We have had gym equipment in the basement for years but no one ever uses it – we enjoyed going to the gym more.  Well now we set the gym back up and there is something for everyone.  We could easily have 10 or more people working out in the basement at the same time.  The only problem is how cold it is down there in the winter but once you start working out it is tolerable.  My favorite pieces of equipment are the rebounder which folds up when not in use; our commercial treadmill – we have had others before but they never lasted; a good indoor bike such as this Nordictrack bike; freestanding punching bag and more.  But you don’t even need fancy equipment because there are so many activities you can do with your own body weight.  

  • Daily Schedule

I find if I create a daily schedule there is a great deal less anxiety when I have anticipated as much as I can.  Plus when I create a list it is very satisfying to be able to cross tasks off the list!  Some create their schedule in the form of a bullet journal, notepad, calendar etc… I simple maintain a daily list in a Google Doc that I keep open on my laptop all day long. 

  • Water

The effects of drinking water are truly amazing and so many of us underestimate its importance. Benefits include more clear skin, healthier organs, better sleeping habits, more alert, improved metabolism, mental clarity – you will look and you will feel better in as little as one week of increasing your water consumption.  Make it even easier on yourself by investing in a refillable water bottle.   

  • Reduce screen time

Not only can social media impact our emotional health, but arthritis can develop from thumbs running across screens (texting thumb) and blue light causing headaches and migraines from our computers. Newer iPhones can even alert owners to the amount of screen time.  

  • Mindful eating

Several months ago I transitioned to eating vegan – mostly.  I do occasionally break that eating plan but it is rare.  I have tried to pay attention to everything I eat and if it isn’t healthy for my body, I don’t need it.  So far the result is more than 30 pounds lost.  You don’t need to switch to vegan but reduce some of the less than healthy food you may be consuming.  Your body will definitely thank you for it.  One way I make sure I can stay vegan easily is by receiving my MisfitMarkets.com box weekly.  I order the larger Madness box and it is delivered to my door weekly.  You can choose biweekly and there are two size boxes if you prefer the smaller option.   What I love most about it is that I have tried so many foods that I may not otherwise have tried.  My new favorite food is bok choy!  All food is organic and there is the option to purchase additional items from their Market options.  Additionally, you can choose to build you own box or let them build it for you.  If you are interested you can get an EXTRA 30% off your first box with referral code – COOKWME-PV2DSM.

  • Goals

Not only do I have daily goals but I have overall goals.  For example – I registered for an only TESOL (English as a second language) certification course.  My daily goals my be to complete section 1 but my overall goal is to earn the certification and start providing English instruction online. Essentially I break my overall goals into actionable steps in my daily goals.

  • Find Work/Life balance

We all love money – but at what cost.  I have spent decades working myself to the bone and in the last year that has been impacting my health very negatively.  I could have kept pushing on but why?  My family needs me, I need to work on improving my health, and I no longer wish to work 18 hours a day 7 days a week.  No amount of money is worth that.  So we are making some changes and at the moment I am working from home.  That may not be enough but I will never work 18 hours a day again.  I have been doing that since I was 16.

  • Read more

I always make time in my life to read.  It doesn’t have to be academics – it can be fiction, non fiction, science fiction or any other genre.  You could even listen to a book if “reading” isn’t your thing.  Don’t know where to start?  Start with a current bestseller and see where you end up.  When I first started working the one thing I committed to was purchasing a book every single week.  It got to the point where I was reading three and four books a week.  

  •  Tidy Up and Declutter

Clutter can easily lead to depression and anxiety.  We have plenty of clutter but now that I am working fewer hours it is one of my overall goals to start reducing it all.  That can be a bit difficult since I work from home but I try to restrict the business “stuff” to just my office area.  Besides it is very gratifying to sell what you don’t need anymore and make extra cash or even donate it.   

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  • gloria patterson

    This is a lot of good information and I do a lot of them. Retired senior who is a early riser I average about 5 to 6 hour a night. But I am also in to naps 🙂 so there is another hour or so. Big water drinker I go through at least 3 32oz cups a day. Also big reader ever day got to read. The others are hit and miss and I need to work on them

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