10 Items to Make Your Beach Day Perfect

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When I was in college I took late afternoon classes and worked third shift in a position that I could actually do my homework at work most nights.  As soon as my shift was finished I would head to the beach and sleep until it was time for my class.  There is nothing better than the sounds of the ocean without the sounds coming out of a machine.  The smell is so calming and refreshing every day.

The feel of the hot sand warming your toes; the salty breeze whipping your hair in your face; watching the crisp, white, foamy waves come crashing one after another on the shore- there are an infinite number of reasons why the beach is the favorite place of so many.

Here is a list of all the things you definitely want to have the next time you head to the beach.

Neutrogena Continuous Spray Sunscreen

While you want to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun, you should also want to not destroy the planet in the process.  The last thing you want is a sunburn, which can not only cause skin problems and premature aging, but can also sting and cause pain.  Lather up every few hours to make sure you’re applying continuously, especially if you’re playing out in the water.

Snacks & protein bars

We occasionally will purchase something to eat at the beach but that is rare.  Generally we prefer to bring snacks that are not only filling but also keep up our energy to stay at the beach as long as we can – sometimes all the way until the sun is setting to experience that perfect photo opportunity.  Our favorite protein bars are Quest Bars and they are available in so many awesome flavors – we all have our own favorite flavors. 

Refillable Water Bottle

It is always important at any beach to take out whatever you take in – do not leave any trash behind.  But since COVID that philosophy is even more important.  No one wants to be touching stuff that was near someone else’s mouth.  It is far too risky.  Not to mention, the world has more than enough plastic waste – it is time to be environmentally friendly and do our part.  We love the size, color and design of these stainless steel double walled thermos‘.  

Waterproof Holder

When we are near water we have learned to be prepared for anything.  As a result we use these waterproof sports containers to keep our small personal possessions with us and safe – such as keys, money, cards etc…

Water-Proof Phone Cover

Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and we always have them on us.  When we go to the beach there is actually no signal – but we always have our phones on us because they are the most convenient cameras.   I will say I did once bring a very expensive Nikon to the beach – that didn’t end so well when my daughter and I had to be rescued by water rescue…  So now we only take our phones but these are also quite expensive so we don’t want to risk dropping them in the water and definitely not in salt water.    Awaterproof sports containers will protect the phones from any accidental contact with water.   

UV Blocking Sunglasses

I feel like the older I get the more I absolutely need good sunglasses for the beach.  It’s important to keep your skin protected, but it’s also just as important to keep your eyes protected. Sunglasses with UV Blocking Protection will allow you to see even in the brightest sun and the bamboo frame will allow the glasses to float if you happen to lose them in the waves.

Flip Flops

When in the sand you will not want to wear sneakers that will drag so much sand into your vehicle at the end of your awesome day.  A quick and easy pair of flip flops will leave your vehicle as sand free as possible.  You can rinse off easily while keeping your flip flops on.  A nice waterproof pair of Flip flops are quick to put on as well as easy to wash and clean.

Spare Change of Clothes

If there is one thing I’ve learned it is that you always need a spare set of clothes and a hoodie sweatshirt.  You never know when you will end up cold – which happens very easily at the beach or when you will be so wet you just need a dry warm set of clothing to change into.  

Beach Toys

The beach we go to is never one of those crowded sitting on top of one another type of beaches.  There is room to play. Our favorite beach game is the washer toss game.   

Beach Wagon

Inevitably we always bring more than we can really handle.  The kids are grown but still whine about whatever they need to carry.  This beach wagon is a must have!  We individually carry our chairs but the wagon carries a cooler, sun shade, snacks, towels, clothing, body boards and more.

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